In addition to reports on building projects in local newspapers you can find the following specialist articles in both the EuroHeat & Power and bbr magazine:

  • District heat for "Gartenstadt" Flensburg
    (Fernwärme für die "Gartenstadt" in Flensburg)
    Author: Hans-Jürgen Nielsen, EHP 10/2000
    (-> download PDF (German reprint) here)

  • Quality control in the construction of small district heating networks (Qualitätssicherung beim Bau von Nahwärmenetzen)
    Author: Asmus Nielsen, EHP 06/2002
    (-> download PDF (German reprint) here)

  • Pipeline blocking technology: Stopple technique
    (Rohrleitungsabsperrtechnik: Stopple-Verfahren)
    Implementing district heating pipelines during ongoing operation
    Authors: Sven Meyer, Hans-Jürgen Nielsen, EHP 11/2007
    (-> download PDF (German reprint) here)

  • New demands on the quality of flexible pipe systems
    (Neue Qualitätsanforderungen an flexible Rohrsysteme)
    Authors: Rolf Besier, Hans-Jürgen Nielsen, EHP 10/2010
    (-> download PDF (German reprint) here)

  • Foam pads - preinsulated pipe system component with a big effect
    (Dehnpolster - KMR-Systembauteil mit großer Wirkung)
    Authors: Ingo Wolf, Hans-Jürgen Nielsen, Dr.-Ing. Ingo Weidlich,
    EHP 04/2012
    (-> download PDF (German reprint) here)

  • Influences of defective bonds on the preinsulated pipe system
    of district heat pipelines
    Author: Hans-Jürgen Nielsen, BBR 04/2016
    (-> download PDF (German reprint) here)

  • "Site Report by Reinhard Rohrbau GmbH" // Planning and construction supervision by EVN, bbr 05/2017
    (-> download PDF (German Reprint) here)